The Ontology of Social Data is my attempt to reveal the social reality of the digital age, with the intention of exploring and rethinking how the individual is the basic element of the social constitution and the constant search for totality by human beings through the social data collected by Google Maps from diferent cultures around the world. In addition, what the social data exists asnowadays.
In these Google Maps screenshots, the individual is minimally erased (anonymized individuals appealin abundance due to the mosaics that google add in the original images. In this case, the ldeology of Google Map also been marked in the work because it's shows more a western world), so that the work turns into a totality, furthermore, a divinity. A promise of eternity is realized when human beings overcome their particularities and lead to the totality of the human being as a whole. This promisewe have seen in religions, which emphasizes the egitimacy of human beings as the people orbelievers of God, promising the eternity of human beings. lt has also been seen in museums, which truncate oblects from the past out ot time, promising the eternity of matter and the past. And today, internet data builds us a new image of God, The eternity of Aura(As Benjamin mentions). In the internet, the matter itself is absent, but the original context of the object as it is readily generated in one's mind as the object is viewed, With this promise, immortality on the level of data doesn't even seem that far away either, with Al simulations of the departed, consciousness uploads, and even Google Maps itself serving as a kind of preservation of the Aura of the present society. However, when l trv to shape this divinity in my work, in the field of the work, this fragile divinity no longer points elsewhere, but to its creator, the artist himself, Though the method of reduction. l tryto force the audience to rethink the world we are living now.